Angelo Bruno and Susan Tedesco-Bruno: “The Last Truck on the Street”

Angelo Bruno & Susan Tedesco-Bruno


Narrators: Angelo Bruno and Susan Tedesco-Bruno

Interviewer: Emily Haidet

Date: April 2, 2011

Location: 14 University Place, New York, NY – Draper Program offices

Duration: 54:43

This interview with Angelo Bruno and his wife, Susan Tedesco-Bruno, describes Angelo’s 31 years on the job for New York’s Department of Sanitation. From his experiences as the junior man when he first started to his days as Number One (the worker with the most  seniority), Angelo discusses how the job has changed over the years, how to make it work with his wife, Susan, and how he helped transform the “garbage man” into the “sanitation worker.”  Angelo talks garbage, partners, and friendly residents in Greenwich Village, the neighborhood he picked up for more than three decades.

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Angelo Bruno and Susan Tedesco-Bruno Transcript

Angelo Bruno with Eddie Nieves

Angelo Bruno was a hard-working, dedicated public servant who still has deep affection for New York’s Department of Sanitation. as he told his stories and discussed “his playground” — his route in Greenwich Village — he barely stopped to breathe. He described some of the relationships he formed with Village residents. We spoke about his partners, including Eddie Nieves (who was interviewed for the Oral History Project by Jacqueline Colognesi). He talked about how the  job changed over the years. Susan discussed what it’s like when your husband sometimes has to work 12 to 14 hours a day, how it’s almost impossible to make plans, and how Angelo still loves the DSNY as much as he did when he started the job more than 31 years ago.

At the end of the interview, Angelo presented me with a pin from Teamsters Local 831, the union that represents sanitation workers. I felt very moved and honored. Angelo and Susan could not be more proud of being involved with the Department of Sanitation, and I am so pleased to record that pride through an oral history.

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