André Ramos: “Trash as a Canvas”

André Ramos


Narrator: André Ramos
Interviewer: Giovanny Castro
Date: March 28, 2011
Place: Manhattan 7 Sanitation Garage
Duration: 1:06
André Ramos, who grew up on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, talks about his childhood, his parents, his family, his education, and community. He describes experiences as a sanitation worker out of M7 and in other parts of the city. The interview is focused on personal and family memories in relation to his job on the streets. He mentions sensitive issues regarding his life’s journey, the tough neighborhood where he grew up, and how his job has let him earn a living and support his family. His street stories, his metaphors about trash, and how he explains the city and its inhabitants through it are remarkable.
Clip 1: “Trash as a canvas”
[audio:|titles=Interview Andre Ramos: Trash as a canvas]
Clip 2: “Dealing with the job and family’s special occasions – Feeding my granddaughter”
[audio:|titles=Interview Andre Ramos: The job and family]
Clip 3: “Cleaning up after myself – Collecting on the Lower East Side”
[audio:|titles=André Ramos Clip Cleaning up after myself]


André Ramos and NYU student Giovanny Castro. Photograph: Mario Cancel

André at the new Manhattan 7 garage

Full Interview

Part I [audio:|titles=Interview with André Ramos 1/4]
Part II[audio:|titles=Interview with André Ramos 2/4]
Part III[audio:|titles=Interview with André Ramos 3/4]
Part IV[audio:|titles=Interview with André Ramos 4/4]
Full Transcript
Interview with André Ramos by Giovanny Castro – Edited Transcript

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