Eloise Hirsh: “The people in Parks and Sanitation care about this project”

Eloise Hirsh giving an interview at Freshkills Park


Narrator: Eloise Hirsh

Interviewer: Shanna Farrell

Date: April 6, 2011

Interview Duration: 58 minutes

Eloise Hirsh, administrator of Freshkills Park, talks about spending her entire career in the public sector. She reflects on moving from New York City to Pittsburgh, and back again. She shares some of her insights on the challenges and rewards of transforming Freshkills Landfill in Staten Island, NY to Freshkills Park. Hirsh is a remarkable women who explains this historic project from an insider’s perspective.

Clip 1- Eloise Hirsh
Clip 2- Eloise Hirsh

Eloise Hirsh discusses her job as First Deputy Commission of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation in the 1960’s during Mayor Lindsay’s Administration, her move to Pittsburgh and her work there as head of City Planning, and her transition back to New York City as the Freshkills Park Administrator. She talks about both the challenges and rewards of each position, such as managing resources (governmental and environmental), negotiating with the public, dealing with public perception, creating public outreach programs, seeing her work materialize, and being proud to make tangible changes in urban landscapes. Beyond her work life, she pontificates on being a mother, living in New York City, and her favorites areas of Freshkills Park.

Eloise Hirsh Interview Transcription

Hirsh Interview Part 1 of 6

Hirsh Interview Part 2 of 6

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Hirsh Interview Part 6 of 6

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