Frank Zito: “It was like a big crossword puzzle”


Narrator: Frank Zito

Interviewer: Christine Olson

Date: April 3, 2012

Place: Frank Zito’s House, Staten Island

Duration: 2:03

Frank Zito worked for the DSNY for twenty years, from 1990-2010, and spent fourteen of those years as a supervisor and marine dispatcher. When Fresh Kills Landfill closed in 2000, New York’s garbage ceased to be transported by barge – with the exception of paper, which is still taken on water to a recycling plant on Staten Island – and Frank transferred to the DSNY’s offices in lower Manhattan, where he oversaw supervisors managing the disposal of garbage at transfer stations that “exported” it in containers, by rail and truck. As a system that is no longer in place, but one that was absolutely critical to the flow of garbage out from the city for decades, the marine transport operations were the focus of our interview.

This interview is supplemented by an interactive map that illustrates the geography of Frank’s work as a marine dispatcher. Each of the locations and routes discussed in the interview is marked with an information bubble with explanatory text, an audio clip from the interview, and a photograph.


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